Yuma County Conservation District Programs



Seedling trees – A wide variety of shrubs and deciduous and evergreen trees are offered to establish windbreaks for home and livestock protection, living snow fences to help keep roads clear, wildlife habitat, living barns, and field windbreaks for a few examples.

Large potted trees: A wide variety of trees are available in pint to 15 gallon pots. These trees must be order from around November through February.

Supplies for sale: The district carries a full line of drip irrigation supplies for windbreaks, weed barrier, fertilizer, rabbit guards and wire staples.



Youth Education:



NE Colorado Youth Water Fest – The District sponsors the water fest each year in April. This event is for 4th, 5th and 6th graders to learn about the wise use of water. It is held in Wray at the High School and presenters come from all over NE Colorado to hold workshops.


Raymond Peters Memorial Scholarship – Each year a scholarship is provided to a college bound student who will be majoring in the natural resources fields. Applications are due in March of each year. Packets are available through school counselors or at the district office.

Download the Application Here!



Youth Conservation Camp:

This is a fun and exciting one day outdoor camp normally held at Beecher Island during August.  Youth learn about to use their senses to listen, hear, smell what nature has for us.  They participate in different activities, have fun in the outdoors.  Bus is provided for the ride and lunch is provided by the District.  There is no cost for youth to attend this camp.  Call us for more information.



Camp Rocky: 

Camp Rocky is a week long residential camp designed for students 14-19 years old who enjoy the outdoors and are interested in natural resources.  Students choose a resource field for their area of focus:

      Recreation Management
      Forest Management
      Rangeland Science
      Soil and Water Conservation
      Fish and Wildlife Management

Scholarships for this camp are available from the Yuma County Conservation District.  For more information:  coloradoacd.org/camprocky


Educational Workshops:

The District provides a variety of workshops on range, irrigation water management, no-till-minimum till and other pertinent topics. Watch our newsletter and website for information on upcoming workshops


Soil Surveys for Yuma County:

Hard copies of the soil survey for Yuma County are available at our office. Stop by and pick up your copy


Yuma County Grass Books:

Books with actual samples of grass species are available in our office. They may be purchased or borrowed with a deposit. The books include grasses that grow on sandy, hard, rocky and wet ground. Also available are “A guide to noxious weed identification and management in Yuma County”. These are available for free.












Windbreak Installation:

The district provides a complete windbreak installation program. It provides all the materials, labor and site prep for a complete windbreak. Call for more information to get a windbreak installed.

Cost Share Program:

The district has a matching grant for cost share practices. These practices must not already be in place and must meet NRCS standards when installed. An application must be filled out, accepted by the board, and may be started only after producer receives this notification. Cost share is 50% of a specified price per unit.

Technical Information:

The District cooperates with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide technical information such as grass seeding varieties, water erosion solutions, pipeline designs and other topics.

Flood Control Tours:

Each year the district, City of Wray and NRCS conduct a flood control inspection tour of the dams located around Wray to control flooding. If you would like to attend one of these tours held in August call the office for more information.